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Friday, July 1, 2011

Spinning Round-Robin Dating

In this age of "instants",  what with all trapped in such a hurried busy life, almost anything you can think of would be there in front of you with just a snap of your finger.  And even the dating game is not spared from this evolution for its made available faster than a speeding bullet. Tailored-made for  both those workaholics  anonymous and always-in-a-rush yuppies; the daring desperadoes and/or Dora the Explorers. 

Are you willing to take up the challenge of an 8- minute getting-to-know stage as a prelude to hooking up with an interesting person? According to Wikipedia, speed dating's origin can be traced back to Jewish tradition as a way to  help Jewish  singles  meet and   marry. The very first speed dating  encounter took off in Beverly Hills in late 1998. And by the year 2000, was boosted thanks for the portrayals in shows like the Sex  and the City fame. It was cited that such kind of dating saves time, as people can  quickly (or would "hastily" a more appropriate word to be used)decide if they are ever romantically compatible  and strongly believes that first impressions almost always are permanent. (?)

How It Is Prepped Up :

And so the scene in such a dating  circus is like this : Men and women are rotated to mingle with each other over a series of quickie-doo (pun intended LOL )"dates", with a usual time interval of 3-8 minutes which will largely depend on the organizer though. A ring of a bell sounds off or a clink clank of a glass (we commonly do this too when we are at the wedding reception right? For the newly-married couple to kiss!) signalling the participants to move on to the next "target", "candidate", "applicant" or what ever term you might call them. Each searcher and searchee then are asked to submit  their lists of who they would like to provide their contact  infos to. These infos are then forwarded to both parties, if there is a match.

These grease lightning dating escapades are  now widely  spread in parts of  the United Kingdom, The United States and  Canada. Mainly, they specify an age range  for men and women, could be slightly older   range specified for men. Some might feel that this kind of avenue for meeting the One is more advantageous  compared to the other means of mingling with possible interesting people at bars, discotheques and other places.  They said everybody is purportedly there to meet someone special, they are grouped into compatible age ranges,  and it is "time efficient"  and the structured interaction eliminates the need to introduce oneself. (I can't imagine this, really)

While I'm not  totally against this dating scheme,  I guess some would readily fit in engaging in it while others simply shudder at the mere thought of feeling like you're a candidate for a  beauty pageant or a job applicant. 

Amazingly in my research, I discovered that in a 2005 study at the University of Pennsylvania of multiple HurryDate speed dating events found that most people made their choices within the first three seconds of meeting. Wow, in split seconds! With just a few blinking of an eye!    

Any of you here who have tried this speedy dating thing? Are you up to this kind of challenge?                             

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