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Friday, July 15, 2011

Have Guts, Will Propose

It has always been the man popping the sacred question " Will you marry me?"since time immemorial. But since we are living now in a "twisted" world, any thing can happen in the blink of an eye. Well, we even have same-sex marriages now and different types of relationships sprouting that we haven't even imagined there could be before. Smile

So what if your lady love would be the one taking charge of the life-changing proposal? Picture the scene in the movie "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock, down on bended knees in stilletos at the center of the street. (Well to most I think this wouldn't be appealing but then again...) Smile

In a survey, some say it's still a man's territory and letting and or WAITING for the guy to propose is "classic". They wanted their kids and grandchildren to know how their dads and grandpas popped up the question complete with paraphernalias, sweet background music and the sorts. And still some say we should let the man ask our hand in marriage when they are READY for they can't imagine themselves being humiliated once he rejects the idea! Ouch! Tongue Those are the replies of the so-called "traditional or conservative sweethearts".

While the " go-getting femme fatales" have these answers : They don't mind following their hearts contrary to other's beliefs and could take the risks. Some don't see anything wrong breaking up the rule (is there really such a rule?) and doing the first move, don't care about a "conservative society" and just be happy. So these types don't believe in gender roles. If they realize that they are the Ones they want to spend the rest of their lives with, they wouldn't waste a single minute passing by and would readily ask "Will you marry me? Smile

What if you women out there are caught in a dilemma of asking your man to get married since you've been together for quite a long while and are both ready, would you initiate the proposal? Do you have enough guts and glory to do so? ( I knew of some who did this "giant leap" and are now happily married. Smile ) They are even proud telling people around how they "forced" their bfs to get hitch pronto! LOL Tongue (Some would think , a desperate act? Well, I don't know, too since they are pictures of happy families.) In my case, if the guy is deserving and is one great catch, why not?? Tongue (BUT only if I'm sure that he has plans of taking me to the altar one day and I will just fast-forward it when necessary. LOL Tongue) A shotgun wedding is not appealing to me though but that's another story. Wink (another blog) Smile

And to men, how would you take this idea of your lady proposing to you? Would you run and take the escape route? (Just kidding! Tongue) or would you think it's kinda flattering and sweet?

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