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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Travel Light?

"Those who have enough love in their hearts travel light in this life's journeys." says the priest in his homily, one Thursday when I attended mass. 

One who has faced a lot of challenges, trials in the course of his lifetime can either be made stronger head on but a few others remain weaklings and easily give up to fold their wings.An individual who has enough room for love within his heart can easily handle adversities, they don't consider them as mere burdens but as great opportunities to prove their worth. Who was ever born without experiencing a single problem in this world anyway? 

Like in the lyrics of the inspirational song sang in church, "Lift Up Your Hands To God", we should cast our burdens upon God, those of us who are heavily laden, lift our hands to God and He will make us feel alright.Once we let go and let God, we give Him full authority to make wonders in our lives, to lighten up the dark tunnel of our paths, to move us in great heights and make our journey hassle free.

As what I have mentioned above, people might  either be toughened by life's blows but is not enough reason to have a heart of stone. The grudges we still keep inside of us for as long as we can remember will be same things that could slowly eat us up 'til we can't feel anything anymore - a numb heart with no feeling beating without a rhythm.

In order to travel light with no excess baggages left for safekeeping inside our personal vault, we need to throw out the "junks" - those things that hinder us from experiencing what good life is all about. It's also likened to being "fit" and fab, light weight to be able to move freely around. Ditch the junk foods, eat healthy food, exercise regularly and other great tips we can get  from 24 hour fitness reviews.

There are  proper "foods for the soul" sans the negative energy emitted from keeping tons of "i-hate-yous" in your travel bag. Enjoy your journey, keep travelling light in this fab world!

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