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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life Is A Rat Race Sometimes

I have written this short entry before about my perception of LIFE  - "Life is like a race sometimes. You struggle to reach the finish line, running fast as you could only to realize you come to ignore some things along the way. We immerse ourselves in the our daily grind of busyness of this fast-changing world when suddenly one day, reality hits us on our faces, we forgotten other more essential things than mere riches, fame and popularity.In the end, it strikes us, that we take for granted the bigger picture life has to offer.Even the people we care about would sometimes be just at the background longing for us to give them due attention and nurture.Life is short to be filled with regrets and "could-have-beens". Why not slow down for a bit, allot precious time with your dear loved-ones and be a role model to younger people than merely attending to worldly pleasures that last only a second. True happiness cannot be attained by having lots of money but by giving out our love to one another especially to those who need us."

People are not really contented to what they already have. Some though already in power and enjoying bountiful  riches still succumb to greediness still wanting for more. Even if it means stepping on less fortunate fellowmen  who are just striving to achieve better lives. Even if out of the highest seat they could attain, truth and honesty will be sacrificed.

Life has been and will always  be a  tight competition of sorts anywhere we see it - at work, in school, in politics and show business and even simply waiting for the bus ride home. Anyone who is quite weak and slow would be easily trampled on  and left in the dark howling for help.While those aggressive ones would readily make it to the finish line or hug the limelight. 

But do all of them play fairly? All are in but a rat race vying for the first place and at times they care less for those people whom they might have ignored along the way to success all because of  this futile efforts to a pointless pursuit.
In such a hurried , fast-paced, changing world we have, have we ever asked ourselves  what's the point of all these things - acquiring  tons of wealth (some ill-gotten) and instant fame and gratification when once we arrive home, we still feel this emptiness from within? If what we are living for is just for OURSELVES and not even a bit for the OTHERS?
If we just equate HAPPINESS to having momentary mundane things? If  what we all do is cease all "good food" there is to take without even  thinking of helping the less fortunate brethren and when you feel like you are going to "burst" with all those fat intakes, you go check an obese forum to help you at least "shed" out those bad elements that have gotten through your system out of selfishness.

Having said these things, we can then ask ourselves at the end of the day, "Have I played fairly in this never ending race of  my life and  beyond?"

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