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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just-For-Now-Gf Vs. Future-Wife

According to Aileen Santos of Relationships and Life ReInvention Coaching here in the Philippines :

    "Generally, a woman tends to use the same criteria for choosing a boyfriend as she does for choosing a husband.
     Meanwhile,  men often use a different criteria for a "Just-For-Now-Gf" than they do for a "Future-Wife" and exert more effort for the one they think they could  marry someday."

Do you agree with what was said above? It has also been said and heard over again that women tend to search for bf's and/or future husbands whose got similar attributes like their fathers. Seems that a good number of women are not only that attached to the pillar of the family but as well as looking up to their dads especially if they are good role models. I think it maybe somewhat true since I was all along looking for a man who is as sweet and romantic as my father. This can  be attributed to the fact that I get to witness as the years go by, how he expresses his love to my Mom by giving her sweet cards every single occasion! I even stumbled upon a collection of his poems for her! (Now, you know where I got my poetic side) And so my future hubby should be sweet like my Dad who never fails to swoon my Mom. 

With regards to men when choosing their "flavor of the month" or "momentary darlings"  until they finally get to choose among the flock his "future-wife", they set up different "requirements" as stated above. What could  these pre- requisites then? It's not like they're going to put up a press release on the qualities of a future-wife they are looking for or setting up an ad that says application going on, please be your best self.

While there are those who jump from one relationship to another since they all don't work out, it could be that all along in their subconscious  he knows his exes aren't the One for him! (what do you think?) Or could be that it really wasn't meant to be and so they move on to the next 'til the time they've met the girl of their wildest dreams!

How then can a guy tell whether their main squeeze, the  girl they've been dating could very well be the One he will be putting a ring on and eventually take to the altar one fine day? And a counterpart question for women is : How do you project yourself to men : a just-for-now-darling or a wife wanna-be?

As mentioned above, if the girl they've been eyeing is wife material, he would exert much effort into the relationship and would do anything to let the relationship work out. He wouldn't leave you that easily though he could have strings of flings in the past. It's still you he wants to be with the rest of his life! If on his mind you are just a momentary darling, he may take you for granted and you would feel as though there is something lacking in your relationship or it could be that he isn't that committed to you.  

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  1. Very interesting blog ate beth! :)

    I can say that i can relate with this topic as i had a conversation with a special male friend. He have a gf for 3 going to 4 years of relationship but i was surprised because he told me he wasn't sure who will be his future wife. My reaction, what do you mean by that? How come you said that, you have a gf.... of course she will be your wife soon. He said, world is full of surprises... i can't say that she's the one meant for me though we have a relationship now. Who know's we ended apart and you who will become my wife and mother to my children. :)


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