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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Under A Love Spell?

It is but common knowledge that when one is inspired, you can see it through her blooming persona, rosy cheeks, captivating smile and pretty aura! One has that certain glow and her pleasant personality shines through. It's like one is under a magic spell or something and that permanent grin is plastered all the way to the ears likened to Joker, arch enemy of  Batman. (as if undergone a botox  surgery). Pardon the pun.

Some funny vestiges of one under a love spell:

@ always prettifies herself, dressing up and the sorts.
@ a calming attitude exuberates from within, always uttering "it's Ok." even to some disgraceful moments since she doesn't mind.
@ you notice her staring into space and again wearing that signature smile (at least  not an evil smirk ) thinking of someone or something being replayed on her mind with her imaginary rewind button
@ is always checking her phone inbox , saving sweet messages form her lovey-dovey even if it's half a century old!
@ posting status messages about LOVE in all it's mushiness
@ if she's poetic enough, her works depict about her MI AMORE

(Now, asking myself if it's ME I simply described above).

These manifestations though, I rather find "silly" since they are age-old sayings handed down from generations:
@ one cannot sleep and eat well when he's in love
@ pimples breaking out especially on the nose indicates one who has fallen hard to someone else  (Oh! Come on!)

It can also be that "love can make you fat!" If and when  being inspired makes you eat more sweets or your lover loves eating too and so you become partners in crime  in the kitchen! (well, good luck on calorie intake!) And after gaining extra added fats, you will  look for a weight loss blog to help you shed some of it the next day out of guilt.

But above all, this is what I know: "Love should be able to bring out the best in you!" Couples should be inspired enough to fulfill one's career and any endeavor in a meaningful way, which will in turn help their relationship grow.In sickness, fatness and in mushiness. 

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