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Thursday, July 28, 2011

You Create Your Own Happiness

How many of us find ourselves tuning in to this notion: that happiness must depend on other people? How many lives have been left miserable believing that the emptiness they're feeling is because of a void that needs to  be filled-up by another "person"? More like waiting for someone to come along like a Knight in glimmering armor to rescue the "damsel in distress" syndrome in them. 

Many relationships have gone sour for they keep on blaming their partners  for not investing fairly - emotionally, physically, etc thus they say they ain't happy anymore for they continue to find "fillers" for the gaps about things they thought  is lacking in their union.

In actuality, these poor souls are just complicating their lives. We are responsible for our own happiness and nothing and no one will ever fix your life for you because you are the one responsible for it! Blaming your present circumstance or telling yourself you're stuck in a rut ( a hopeless case) simply attracts negative vibes along the way hindering your direction towards gaining simple happiness.

Our complaint list, whinings can get out of hand and could even stretch out longer than our life desire list. Everyday of our lives if we truly open up our eyes and gaze around us, we will realize out of the blue we have so much to be thankful for! Even those  things we tend to ignore along the way suddenly obtain meanings in front of our very own eyes. 

Watching the sunset, a simple gesture of a kind stranger; a baby's captivating smile; eating at your fave fast food chain; munching on your precious chocos or a  co-worker offering help or advice and the thought you still have awakened to a brand new morning are maybe quite plain things to many but they would be part of your wondrous memories one day.

Be thankful you have a wonderful and beautiful family despite Mom's nagging spree and  Dad's strict policies. Be thankful you still can buy simple pleasures in life when many other unfortunate souls simply cannot afford. Be thankful you still have a job, you enjoy doing even if it's as difficult as bozeman jobs or as simple as a street vendor.

Happiness is a choice. If only we could ditch the lousy feelings and just focus on our blessings each passing day, we could have a different perspective of the world we live in. As Bo Sanchez stated in his book "You Can Make Life Beautiful" and I quoted , " You and I have everything we need for happiness. Happiness isn't "out there" but something that's deep within us. We choose to be happy.We choose to make our lives great." 

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