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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are You An Apple Or A Pear?

Are you gifted with an hour-glass figure that is second- glance worthy or do you have such a skinny, model-type  lean body?  While many of us know that beauty is just skin deep, we still can't help ourselves from being body conscious even counting each calorie intake everyday once we gained a few pounds. Isn't it silly  when today you give in to your cravings and feast on your fave foodies then feel guilty afterwards, starving yourself the next day thinking you can shed instantly the number of calories you have had? A yoyo diet isn't also good for the health and can affect one's metabolism.

Studies stated that women are more worried about their body image than men but then with vain metrosexuals sprouting now a days, even men are guilty of this. They also want to look  more macho if not achieve a well-toned body and have six-pack abs, looking up total gym reviews nearly killing their butts off everyday.

One 's shape can also be attributed to what runs in your genes. You can  belong to a family of pears with large hips or belong to a tribe of bananas (sticks) with fats distributed in the abs,  buttocks, chest and face.  Apple-shaped women have the highest risk of developing heart diseases while hour-glass shaped have the lowest. But not all can readily embrace what  type of body God has given them thanks to media hypes and technology,  many of us have forgotten what gratitude is all about. We don't feel contented to the " authentic body"  the Creator gifted us with. Some go out of their way and "enhance" themselves even if it means splurging on big bucks. 

Do you wonder at times if  you happen to see God face to face in heaven if He ever would still recognize you when  you've done a  lot of "overhauling" on your body?

What's important is we have a healthy body that we can equate with a happy body no matter what shape God has endowed us  with. If only the next time we hit the scale, it's not only the weight gain we can notice but also the peace of mind that can be acquired  by being at peace with our bodies! Just think that you are one succulent pear or apple who embraces her inborn figure proudly.

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