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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clash of the Commiphobics and the Commiholics

You’ve been together for as long as you can remember and yet there are no tell-tale signs he’s gonna pop that question you’ve been dying to hear all this time! When you drop questions like when are the two of you settling down and how many kids you’d love to have with him, his eyes bulge, pupils dilated like Garfields’, his knees shake and he becomes uneasy as if he needs to  dash to the restroom and do Number 2  pronto! LOL  Symptoms he is freaking out!
It’s but normal for couples to talk about their future together especially if the relationship is in the serious level already. But for those “commiphobics” ( those who  fear commitments), it’s like immersing them down in boiling water likened to melting lava I think. They dread discussions or opening up topics related to being hitched and just shun away with it. They say men feel pressured when these issue pop out of nowhere. Well it could be that they’re not really ready to take the plunge or can’t still see themselves becoming a dad and attached to the bone of having a great responsibility. It could also be that they can’t imagine themselves being with the girl the rest of their lives and are still expecting that maybe someone a whole lot sexier and stunning they would be meeting in the coming days. (can be vice-versa as some women are like these men too)
You meet someone and you two hit it off well from the very start. The friendship bloomed into something special but then there are certain things that prevent him/her to take your relationship to the next level. It could be because the person has phobia from past heartaches that he/she is too careful  not too commit himself/herself that easily. Another reason could be that the experiences of others influence the person’s dealings with matters of the heart. Or could it be that the he/she is plain choosy? Still, this a sign that one is “commiphobic”.
A complete opposite would be the “commiholics”. I don’t know if they can be made similar to the desperate ones who long to be with someone just because he/she is pressured by outside forces to be attached to the hip with the opposite sex. Why is it a sin not to be in a relationship and think that our happiness must be dependent on another person?? Is having a lover always equated to feeling complete and happy? The “commiholics” won’t let time pass him/her by and would readily jump from one relationship to another giving themselves wholeheartedly and end up hurting . They get too serious in all of their relationships without them knowing that sometimes their partners are not that into them that much to commit like they are. Can they be likened to the “hopeless romantics” too then?
So how do you categorize yourselves here? Or you can be just at the middle of being a “commiphobic” and a “commiholic”? For me, I can be a hopeless romantic  but wouldn’t categorize myself as a “commiholic” though. I got this phobia but gave love and myself a chance again and working out to let this fear vanish away.
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