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Friday, May 27, 2011

When Fools Rush In :P

A blog I wrote for a dating site :

This isn't about the movie of Salma Hayek...Happy This entry is all about people who are into "instant things", in a rush and to those who think they don't have enough time to find LOVE when in actuality they've got so much time in their hands! I could have entitled this with another monicker like "Finding Love for the Wrong Reasons", too. Tongue

Scenario 1 : I just noticed that too many young people nowadays not just here in the Philippines but all over are into a rush to get hitched or to find their lifetime partners when they've got some other important things to prioritize like studies, their future careers and the like. And much to your surprise, you would discover they're just in their "tweeny years", too young to take commitments seriously and what more to raise up a family. Happy

Scenario 2 : Some out there find LOVE just because they feel kinda LONELY...It shows up in their status messages, in their moods, in their posts, how they're living their lives.Is this a good reason to fall in love with someone? Coz one is lonely or bored in his/her life?? You would be unfair to yourself and to the other person if you think that is it REAL LOVE when if you dig deep inside your heart, you are just plain feeling miserable! Happy Get real, get a life! Find yourself first before committing with another person.Happy What's much worse is when both parties are desperate people thinking that happiness must be dependent upon others. Wrong notion! Happiness resides within you! HappyAre you LONELY or are you CONFUSED?? Tongue

Scenario 3 : Raging emotions of couples who just met but mistaken lust or infatuation as the real thing! Tongue These are the ones living in fairytale kingdoms with fleeting feelings of being in love, love , love! Happy Once they've discovered their partner's flaws and they've awakened one day that they ain't a good combination, they back out like lightning just like how fast they've been into each other at first! Ending up breaking each other's hearts out of sheer stupidity and/or desperation. Tongue

Scenario 4 : Now, is this true? They said that one must find another love after heart break as this would speed up if not mend or heal it. Not true! Tongue You must give yourself and your wounded heart enough time to heal completely in a matter of months, some even take years to forget what happened to them before loving again! HappyYou would be unfair to yourself and to your prospect if you will just use him/her to forget someone in your past! This is the REBOUND thing we commonly call. Happy Unless you're into basketball, you could use this term then. LOL Tongue

I'm running out of things to say here, just composed this in the office while waiting for my pay. hahaha Tongue Even though I've got eyestrain causing a headache I still manage to come up with this because of my observations of people around me. LOL Tongue

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