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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Wordsmith's Secret Heaven

    I may not have the witty style of Edgar Allan Poe's prose and poetry; I may not possess the charm of the classical style of Jane Austen's immortal novels nor the fanciful children's stories of Hans Christian Andersen and the powerful, catchy plot of Leo Tolstoi but I'm a poet, a blogger, short story writer, essayist, feature writer and once journalist and news correspondent rolled into one and most important- I am ME!
    The girl who once dreamnt of becoming a writer for the longest time and waited for ages for it to finally happen to  me one faithful day when I was given a break by one local community newspaper in our city...Dreams do come true and I'm one living proof- that despite of many obstacles, lack of support from parents from way back as well lack of proper education in writing, fate paved its way for me and I found myself a niche in the literary world!
    Does it ever dawn on you what could we writers get from scribbling our ideas on paper, grasping for the right words to say in order to let out the pent up emotions and enveloped ideas swirling in our minds? You might think sometimes we are weirdoes for cracking our heads up just so we can make up a story or express our thoughts to reach out to our readers...we have wilder imaginations than most ordinary people like you have... like an artist or a painter perhaps (as we are considered artists too since we create things) we engage ourselves in "trances" - a moment wherein we could have overloaded ideas come afloating  that we need full concentration, that despite someone elses constant poking or annoying disturbances, we tend to focus on those things that instantly pop put our minds.
    So going back to my question, what does a writer like me get from doing these things?is it fame or money alone?
     For me, it's more than those mentioned... I find pleasure in knowing people recognize me as the creator of some news stories, asking when will I ever write again for them and when will I be going back to be a correspondent...I also find pleasure in knowing there are those who truly and honestly appreciate my craft - like my first editor and senior reporter who both said I write from the heart and that they believe in my ability and writing style...I find pleasure in knowing family and relatives get so proud of me as I get to carry the family name hehe!I find pleasure in knowing I've proven myself that I can write and write and will continue to write about anything under the sun as long as I live...I find pleasure in checking my stats thru my blogsite to find many haved viewed and probably read and liked my blogs and other works...I find pleasure in knowing surprisingly that one of my blogs get to be featured as one of the most popular blogs amongst many entries in the site! I find pleasure in knowing I have tocuhed someone's life thru their comments to my blogs...a wordsmith's secret heaven is to be able to reach out to many, when words become powerful tools in changing this crazy world... 

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