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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me, and My Love For Stephen King and Supernatural Things

Common reaction from people who are not keen on horror stories - why are you so fascinated with those scary novels? Why shouldn't I? For me, they're not absurd perhaps coz the writer has these vivid wild imaginations of scary creatures from the underworld, they are considered to be weird by non-horror novel fanatics.
 My love for Stephen King's - master of terror's works started when I was young, highschool to be exact. This bizzarre idolatry or perhaps fascination for supernatural phenomena and lucrid frightening stories really began when my family and I used to snuggle ourselves by the TV, watching Wednesday's Shockers featuring Christopher Lee's vampire stories. Classic vampire movies then adventures unto the unknown in Twilight Zone amazed me, brought or rather awakened my senses into having frantic imaginations of supernatural beings lurking around us who can either be friendly or troublesome.Friday the 13th and Alfred Hitchcock's Are You Afraid Of the Dark? caught me at the edge of my seat , somehow glued to the boob tube, full concentration on the story's plot.
How I miss those days of watching exciting episodes!  Be amazed to see my room like a mini-library of King's books. Stephen King's craft in creating best selling horror novels  as he said in his introduction for his book Nightmares and Dreamscapes are largely influenced by his belief in superstitions as told to him by family and relatives and his love for Ripley's Believe It or Not. He believes in spooks and so do I!There's this unexplainable excitement and tinge of adventure in reading and watching those scary stories and maybe one cause is me having this undeveloped third-eye and sensitivity to things around me. I'm not gothic or something but I believe in spooks like Stephen King does!

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