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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Embracing Change

We cannot control the changes that take place all around us by the second. It's the only thing that is constant in this world. Going against the will of the wind may sometimes just complicate things as we force ourselves to go fight the tides to have it our own way.

If it weren't for change, there wouldn't be realization of things we have ignored along the way. There wouldn't be improvements and moving forward to adapt to a much modern world or a phase in one's life.  Little do we know that these transitions are merely "blessings in disguise".  Fate could be brewing up better "agendas" for you that you may not fully notice and appreciate at first glance but then would be thankful for in the long run.

People react differently with such "metamorphosis" in their lives and also depends on what kind of "switch" it is due to take place and/or is currently taking place. A change in one's job whether forced or one's own initiative, a change in the current financial situation of a family; a change of address; a change to be made in one's attitude in becoming a better person and the list goes on. There are simply many changes occurring every  minute.

There is a saying that I will quote : " You must accept the road life takes you, your actions get you there and only you can take yourself elsewhere."   You live the life you create now and what you do today will have a great impact on where your cruise will ultimately take you forth. 

Embracing inevitable changes in our lives can be likened to sending out an order fulfillment service when we finally come to the realization that these wake-up calls have to happen for our own good and to make us better individuals.

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