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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We simply cannot totally leave home just like that. When I mean home, it's  not just our humble abode, our daily refuge but our Motherland - our place of birth. While many were left with no choices but to flock to other countries for greener pastures, they simply cannot deny the fact that they still miss being "home".

It is embedded in your being - your identity as an individual, so no matter where you roam around the world, you will still have this raging desire to keep coming back to where you belong! How come some after staying a few years abroad find it difficult now to even speak straight using their own language? Obviously, they have acquired this "twang" accent and would love their children to possess it too. But it's rather silly when after just 1-2 years stay in a foreign land, you would say you've forgotten to speak in your Mother Tongue - maybe to brag to people around how "westernized" you have become. 

Many stories are told about how hard it is living far away from your family and the terrible fleeting feeling of homesickness when it strikes.Like a lost child in the woods, you cannot really explain the feeling of anticipation and excitement washing all over you once you are reunited with your family - your "home".

True, it is but a wondrous experience exploring the whole wide world- with all those magnificent things it can offer you.Feasting your eyes with the wonderful creation of God- nature, bodies of water and man-made structures to  behold to. But after wandering around, at times we still feel we are at a lost (likened to searching for refuge in free home listings). It's when we realize we still feel the need to go back to our place of origin - where your heart is. Where you have set foot the day you came into this world - your true HOME!

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