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Friday, August 12, 2011

Are Your Strings Been Stretched?

As an old common saying goes : " Patience is a virtue. " Are you one person who has great endurance waiting up on things, always accepting people's faults and flaws along the way?Have your strings been stretched to its limit prompting you to shout out at the top your lungs : " That's it! This is the last straw, I give up! " ?

I guess for each one of us, there is a certain limit to one's "patience". More like we seem to categorize each deed done to us by other people and circumstances we encounter each passing minute, according to its "tolerable level". If it goes beyond the red dots of tolerability, we then tell ourselves, ok quota is reached, we need to move forward.

While there are those whose character is really persevering or very understanding with a track record of having   the longest stretch of patience, oftentimes being referred to as having a "martyr-like syndrome", there are simply those who don't know the word per se for it's not in their dictionary list to wait for things or be way too understanding.

Our goals in life cannot just be attained in the blink of an eye or by merely batting our lashes once in a while. There is a corresponding time for everything under the sun. We have to wait on for some things in life like in finding a job, finding your soul mate, finding a nice house, succeeding in our chosen career or even in simply looking for a lawn care service.

In irony to these mentioned above too, if your string has been stretched to its speed limit and nothing good is really happening, you might as well think hard if its meant to be yours or you are just forcing things to happen to your life thus hurting yourself if you end up in sheer disappointment.If the need arises, move forward!

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