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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Of Emotional "Scammers" and "Spammers"

One of the blogs I've written for a dating site  about "players" and those with hidden ulterior motives :

Sending out mixed signals- a notorious habit of both men and women. Is this done unconsciously or intentionally? So how do we really read in between the lines what a guy or a gal tells us or how one acts when he/she is with you or when you get to chat/talk? Are gals more prone to be being vulnerable to subtle flirting thus breaking their own hearts once guys give them up some attention, time and will one day all of a sudden, after a turn of events and pooof! he is gone MIA (missing in action)?I do know guys do also become victims of what one of my great friends here calls "emotional scammers" and I've just added another one "emotional spammers"! Tongue

As you have noticed, I've got a lot of friends on my list and if there's a chance, I try to chat them up and hear of their plights and woes when it comes to their experiences over online dating and the like. While emotional scammers are those people who will highly give you false hopes, even promising you the moon and the stars; a great life together: promises of a meet-up sooner in the future and then suddenly after months would tell you that he doesn't have the means to see you- your world is gone shattered leaving you with broken dreams and trauma. Sad

Some are guilty of what I coined "emotional spamming"( or "gym reviews"). They send out emails to lots of guys/gals on their list and see who will respond then they would choose who they can play on to even if they know that the person is taking him/her seriously and expecting more from him/her. In other words, men and women who are not into committed relationships but just playing the field, enjoying their time while the others are hurting, expecting and dreaming of a lasting love!I simple terms- "age-old cheaters". Tongue

Why do some think they can get away with it? I've learned some just register here to look for "greener pastures" even if they're already committed to someone else- some seeking a man who will always send them money not unlike their present fiance whose remittance doesn't sustain her needs and her childs! Well, the culprit has been wiped out anyway before she can get some hearts here broken and some pockets empty!! Tongue

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