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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Hopeless Procrastinator

I believe all of us are guilty of this once in a while - putting off first for tomorrow or later on what we can do today or in the now. All of us go through "lazy modes" at different times of the day or can be some days as if  there is a great need to  drag our feet to get up and do our responsibilities.

Could be burnt out or something, doing the routinary things day in and day out. Procrastination is NOT only practiced by less motivated individuals but as well as perfectionists for they tend to put off doing things first for a while  expecting too much of themselves and scared to the wits  they would fall short of their standards.

In actuality, if you think you're a hopeless procrastinator, don't lose heart for no one else is beyond help. It doesn't necessarily mean one is inborn lazy or an inefficient person.The thing could originate from a certain habit that can be overcome in time.

Things people putting off first can be some work assignments ( in my case, my  writing assignments that may go hand in hand with an attack of a writer's block in progress, doing things around the house, saving money, business plans (but thank God for a business plan software less effort now), among other things.

What do you guys "enjoy" putting off first then blame yourselves after wards for the delay and other hassles ? And how do you overcome this habit?

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