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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Out of My Comfort Zone

From being a newspaper correspondent, getting out under the scorching heat of the sun and beating deadlines, of being able to make 7 stories per day, of sending bulk news to my editor or else he would be fuming at the mouth, of dealing with obnoxious, ranting and sometimes hypocritical people...of making up an appointment for an interview with public figures and enjoying the pleasures of having free lunches and snacks whenever I get to cover a special event in the city...of having to meet face to face the still darling of the press former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos...these are my unforgettable experiences when I entered unto the unknown world of media to gain the exposure I need in embarking my long-cherished dream of becoming a full-fledged WRITER...a different kind of path compared to those who really got to enter the Written Work because of their college or Journalism degrees...

I am not a Journalism graduate nor do I have a formal education in writing...let's just say God gave me this knack for expressing my ideas in written form, a talent that doesn't want to be just hidden inside an old chest but rather have given me restless years til I found the guts to try my luck and prove to them I CAN WRITE! This innate talent must be shared to my readers! No matter what career path I am in before, I feel this emptiness inside eating me up which I have found out 8 years ago....

Been to 11 jobs but when I worked for our local comunity newspaper as a reporter I found fulfillment not just because people were telling me I write good articles..not just because I see my name on print weekly...not just because my family and friends showed me how proud they are for me...but because my dream came true! It was a fleeting feeling even though the pay is not that high....that started it all and suddenly I found myself venturing into another magazine to become a Feature Writer for their quarterly publication..I remembered what my first mentor in writing (my newspaper editor) told me - "don't stop writing no matter what write from the heart..."  

So in every article that I get to write, I put my heart into it.And also got my chance  on the road to becoming a writer of children's stories! I chose to be one FLEXIBLE writer but of course my expertise would still be feature writing..who knows I might come up with another blog one of these days and you would be reading. I have become a horror novelist just like my fave author Stephen King! 

Now, I enjoy the fruits and lure of blogging - enjoying what I do as a home based sideline and earning at the same time. Having my own blog site about topics on life, love and relationships, I even work on my own website promotion. Have met many foreign writer, artist friends online who were kind enough to let me join their groups to showcase my creativity.I get to compose poems, too as this hobby was in hiatus before but now right back on track again and I am so excited to be a part of a dark poem anthology together with American and British fellow poets!

The possibilites are endless and so I believe nothing is impossible...we choose which path we will take..we choose what actions we will take...we have a choice whether or not we stay where we are at now or go out of our comfort zone...who ever said our dreams can't come true?Just believe in yourselves, put hard work, heart and determination and your long-cherished dreams will unfold right in front of your eyes!

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