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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are You Losing Your Self?

It's way different from having a case of identity crisis but better yet more of losing ground, losing one's self to somebody you love. Yes, it's true that we want to be accepted for what we are by those people whom we love and come what may , should never ever let us much less demand that we change our ways for them.

Your life when you were still single is totally different when you are in a "two-some". If before, you have your full freedom  at all cost and nobody is out there to prohibit you from doing things, when you're coupled up, you got a significant other who will have to know your where abouts.You can eat all the delectable chocos you could find in the grocery store without worrying of your calorie count and splurge on anything that fancies you and even stay up late with a night-out with friends but not when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend who will bug you to go home or text you 'til you leave your buddies. (of course I'm just exaggerating but then again..these can happen)

So in one way or the other, we sort of change when we enter a relationship. Just because we have to take into consideration the feelings of our partners and the commitment as well as trust in each other goes with it.If we fail to include them in our plans or  forget to inform them what's cooking with us, LQs (love quarrels) will emerge, past mistakes will resurface  and so misunderstandings threaten the once smooth-sailing union. 

But what if your lover would DEMAND that you change your ways so you can adapt to his lifestyle and you won't  be left out in the dark and be out of place in his different world? Would you be willing to shift gears and transform for the sake of your love for him and all? They say when we're "madly in love", we are truly blinded by what's happening around us. Even if we dig deep enough and realize things are  wrong, we still defy rules and common sense and  allow ourselves to be this martyr-like damsel with a "you and me againts the world" drama to prove our LOVE.

There is this one-liner post-breakup individuals keep on telling themselves : " I miss my old self." This says it all how one lived in a far different "dimension" when she was still in a relationship that she forgot who she really was.A lost soul now searching for her old self again.If only it's that easy like using a data recovery software to find ourselves once more after losing it along the way.

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