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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Palette of Your Life

You are your own life's designer- your own artist every inch of the way. Painting your days with each color of you have in your personalized palette, a masterpiece is yet to unfold depending on how you stroke your brush and the colors you chose to use. 

Below are my own interpretations of the different colours representing one's personality :

Paint it with shimmering , neon hues when you feel you are overwhelmed with such bountiful manna from heaven or if you want the world to know you are one creative soul.(the Appreciative Soul)

Sky blue doesn't necessarily signify lonesomeness and being in a state of melancholy for in it's utter beauty, the color is relaxing and calming to the eyes.For not easily being knocked down by life's  down turns, this tinge is perfect to describe you. (the Cool Dude)

When you seem to exude a strong aura, fierce red would be your color- the color of power and might!It radiates an energetic personality, one who is a conqueror of things who doesn't easily give up and one possessing self-confidence.(the Leader)

Who said black just symbolizes grief, dark secrets and the like? When in actuality, it is a mixture of all the colors we see. It is also deemed classic and sophisticated, strong and vibrant.(the Flexible)

Most girls simply love pink, the symbol of femininity and LOVE! The girly type with a cool, appealing attitude and pleasant personality. (the Dainty Girl)

Love dressing in immaculate white? This hue represents purity of one's heart, a persona easily approached by people, always extending a helping hand to others. (the Pure Heart)

You can color your life lonely, color it happy, color it anyway you want it. You are your own designer and so like cad jobs, you create a draft of your imagination to come up with a winner.

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