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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facts Of Life

What have I learned about life lately?

    - Things happen, are meant to happen and going against the tide would just complicate things.
    - Learn to let go of things not really meant for you.
    - You cannot please everybody, no matter how nice you are and all that, you would have HATERS along the way.
    - Not all people would like to see you HAPPY even if they say so otherwise. ( UNREAL people)
    - At times, we need to be assertive, to let people come across our points and to avoid taken advantaged of
    -  Being "extremely nice" to people have it's pitfalls. (we are no saints)
    - Don't be too trustful of people - some are like "sharks" ready to pounce and drown you as their dark agenda  unfolds.
    - Belief in one's self is powerful- it could take you to greater heights!
    - "Over" in  self-confidence would leave you a trail of annoyed people because of you  being a braggart. So have just enough belief in yourself. There is nothing wrong being humble, (like when you prefer cheap web hosting than overly expensive domain names to gain cyber audiences) often these are the ones who are truly blessed!
    - Love happens even if you are just hiding within the confines of your shell - it will just knock at your door and it's up to you if you would let it in or wait a little while 'til the next knock.
    - We need not force things to happen simply because we expect them to turn out the way we wanted them to be - disappointment is just what one gets when all else fails.
   - You can feel and look young as you want to be! (there is a child within us all)
   - True love waits and is PATIENT!
   - Everything happens for a reason - there is a corresponding purpose behind things!
   - It is Ok to get angry but don't let it eat you up!
   - If the "going gets tough, let the tough get going"! - Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking)

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