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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Distance-Tested Relationship

What is the ultimate test to a long distance relationship? Is it the distance per se,  the set up itself, commitment of both parties or common dreams amongst other concerns? How can you  keep your love bond strong despite  being 10,000 apart or more or oceans and continents between you and your significant other? 

Lovers who live near each other already face enough issues what's more a greater geo distance. Below are some bits of advice that could keep those in an LDR both sane despite and inspite of the set up being  difficult but not really impossible to bear if you are  both truly committed.

1. Think positive that it would work. Instead of entertaining negative thoughts that could put a strain on your already long distance love affair,  having an optimistic mindset is but a key factor in working it out no matter what.

2. Plan together. Yes, even if you're not "two-gether" physically, you can still plan your future or even your everyday  schedules - time of your chat, watching a movie in real time, celebrating important events online (even dressing up for the occasion and lighting candles infront of the pc but be careful though, eating together like you are on a actual date),  then afterwards discussing them. It could keep your bond uptight and exciting!

3. The Trust Issue - It is very basic- trust your partner. Yes, it's easy to entertain ideas of your lover having flings on the side  or flirting with the opposite sex when you are away from each other  but always bringing it up on your mind like often doubting your partner, would leave you paranoid, emotionally exhausted and could ruin your relationship.You might be driving him away because of the pressure and demand of your insecurities which isn't healthy.

4. Open Communication - There are various LDR-friendly means of communication nowadays, thanks to the advances in technology. Talk to each to each other often to build your partner into your life and everyday schedule.  But it is in the quality of the conversation though that matters most and also give each other enough space once in a while to breathe and do your own stuffs.

5. Bring Excitement To Your Bond - Being separated from our love gives us a chance to miss them but no matter how much you are in love , being on solo mode can at times wear you out so think about some creative stuffs to keep you two connected.  Surprise each other and keep him/her on his/her toes. It's like organizing a business plan service to keep the relationship spicy! (I'm giving you guys the floor to think of some suggestions)

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