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Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Unlock A Writer's Block

The writer's curse. Writer's block attacks just out of the blue, unexpectedly at times even at the most desperate moments when you are about to beat a deadline on a writing project or so. Not even if you have a remote online backup would do wonders. No, it is entirely  different from procrastinating things or plain laziness on a wordsmith's part. It is likened to a "mental block" when there aren't any ideas floating in the air no matter how you try, exact opposite when a pen pusher is in a "trance", thoughts swirming through racing with one another, creating a dull headache when they aren't put on paper right  away.

When a writer cannot be disturbed, gets too excited as if he is immersed in his own world , he's in a writer's trance but if he is just having lifeless blank stares on the ceiling, over the wall or on anything his eyes meet on and having a worried look, it's the "curse".

Before I composed this blog, I was under a "semi-writer's block syndrome", not a topic on mind to write about until eureka! I thought of doing one about this "deadly brain-drain ailment" every writer dreads.I even had a status on Face Book stating : "Composing a blog about Writer's Block while having a writer's block. Does that make sense? "

What are the things to be done to unlock this block:

1. Change of sceneries - Go to a place where you can reflect on some memories or can inspire you positively. Choose any place where you can have peace of mind writing your way. Well, even if it's a noisy place, if one is gifted with a powerful concentration, he can still write. I tried composing articles while I am at the middle of a  busy mall with many distractions and it went well!

2. Reminisce - Revisit your portfolio of your previous works before whether they be poems, novels, newspaper articles and the like. The  good feeling you can extract from reliving those  memories of glory can help you get done  with your current work.

3. Listen to some music. - Experts say people work productively with the influence of a good background music but depends on the individual if he can focus on his work more with music on or not. I have always done this even when I was still a student and haven't distracted me in any way.

4. Indulge on some "uppers" or any comfort food - Can be anything you love from delectable chocos to junk foods that could get you going before you fuel your way to writing. It could give you a good feeling afterwards and get you kicking!

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