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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Make Your Gf Say "Yes"

How can you make your girlfriend say "yes" when you finally acquired all the guts and glory to pop up the magic question? Before taking the plunge or tying the knot, of course we ought to ask ourselves if we are truly ready  emotionally, physically, financially and mentally ( who wants a retard anyway?) LOL

How would you show your lady love that you're commitment-worthy to spend a lifetime with?
Us girls would like to have a nurturing relationship and it's more than just being intimate. Make us feel you can live up being our "other half". Marriage isn't just a piece of contract and it's not all mushiness, either.

Here are some "tricks of the trade" :

1. Appreciate our female friends. - Be a REAL gentleman to our friends and we would love you for it sincerely. Ever wondered why we are fond of introducing you to our gal pack? If we see that  you have good relations with them, it says much  how you would take care of us in the future. And what I mean to say here is that honestly befriend them, no put ons or whatever. If they don't like you much, maybe you have certain flaws they can't dig but still try to treat them right.

2. Be responsible at work but manage your time well. - There is nothing wrong with being hardworking or a workaholic at that. Men are said to be more focused on their work so they say but then doing always overtime and neglecting your duties as a boyfriend (not finding time to bond with us)is a BIG No-no. When you love someone, you squeeze in time just to be with her or make it up to her big time when you get the chance.Don't make us beg for your time which is pretty annoying.

3. Make us feel you are ready to take charge of a home in the future. - Keep tab of the basic things like for example, paying your electricity bill, water bill and others on time. It says much how responsible you are keeping a home and not forgetting things. ( of course we are just humans who sometimes forget or mess up you might say). But always neglecting little things such as this would say  much if you could be a dependable husband and father in the future.

4. Always reassure us of your love. - Time and again, this has been said over and over.-Women always need reassurance. It is very important to tell us and more over let us feel  that you do love us. The "unmushies" might cringe and smirk at the thought but that's reality!( it's like we always feel the need to have online backup reviews LOL )

5. Love our family. - This could be one of the major factors we consider especially us, Filipinas. We are a family-oriented species and so getting along well with our family members is a major MUST. 

The above mentioned are just some a few tips and a lot could be added more to them.Now, if  your girlfriend is  the one proposing for she doesn't want to wait on you for a gazillion years, you guys could have your own criterion, then.

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