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Friday, September 2, 2011

Love Knows No Color

As we all been hearing and reading that love knows no boundaries, no barriers can ever stop two people from falling in love. Interracial dating opens opportunities learning about different cultures and traditions. Many have been successful in this arena despite the hassles that go with such kind of relationship.Still others are struggling to keep the  fire burning beyond oceans and miles away from their loved-ones.

Below are my views on some known barriers encountered in interracial dating :

Overcoming  Certain Barriers :

1. Language and Communication Barrier - Open and honest communication is vital in any given type of relationship. There are many challenges if you speak the same language , more so if you don't. But it is not limited to projecting "perfect grammar", diction for that matter, proper choice of words and the like but greatly involves sharing of sincere emotions and body language.
     Many misunderstandings arise from misinterpretations of expressions used and so a couple must clearly explain to each other what they really mean as to avoid petty quarrels. Let your partner learn about your language better by being his/her personal tutor and make it a fun learning experience, too.

2. Going The Distance - (The LDR Set-up) - If a couple is really committed, love  conquers all odds even if they are miles and seas apart. When you are  both determined to work on your relationship, there are many available means to help you cope the distance. Skype and other free messengers have become indispensable nowadays if you are avoiding sky rocketing costs of everyday calls and SMS. There are cheap and/or unlimited call packages though made available in the market.

     As was always stated, communication is a vital factor in maintaining a healthy relationship.No matter how tight your schedules are, it is but necessary to squeeze in some time for quality talks and catch up with each other's lives and give your bond the right momentum.

     Express your love even in the simplest form via sending of  virtual cards, letters, real cards through the posts, gifts and the like. Assure yourselves that you would be there for each other  no matter what.

3. Handling  Cultural Differences - This could be one of the greatest challenges interracial couples could encounter and should overcome. But if you share the same values, it transcends cultural inadequacies It is  but exciting to learn a different culture apart from yours and so turn  these differences into something positive that can help your relationship grow. Get accustomed to your partner's way of living and beliefs and let him into your world, too.

4. Religious Differences - A couple should be open about  each other's religion. Early on in the relationship, they must discuss if having different beliefs would greatly impact their present and future. One shouldn't pressure his/her partner to convert, though. Learn to meet half-way and respect each other's beliefs.

There are many other barriers I haven't stated above but would surely tackle in my upcoming blog posts.
Like some "business dealings" or any type of relationship, both parties should exert all efforts  to make it successful or else it would fail. (like failing in 1800gotjunkreviews). 

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