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Saturday, September 17, 2011

From "Almost-a-Couple" To Buddy Zone

What if you get to realize that the one you are romantically-inclined with before could just well be a friend for keeps? A prospective love gone sour? You were once into this MU (mutual understanding) thing but eventually things had a  turn around. This could  happen  after some things didn't work out between the two of you, or someone got back together with an ex or something to that effect - a change of heart.  Yes, it's tough having to be still act civilly with each other after the love bug has left you both. But if you decide to stay as  buddies still, you must know how to make it through the transition again. 

Below are some tips to ease up your change of "zone".(these ain't found in 1800gotjunk reviews but just my own suggestions)

1. Know your limitations. If before you used to be a "cuddly", almost-lovers, refrain yourselves from having "mushy moments". It is but proper to be aware of your boundaries unless you want to be labeled as "friends with  benefits". (now that's another issue). Some are used to calling each other "pet names" also but you wouldn't want to get stuck in that endearment calling long after you meet your prospective lovers who might misinterpret rather than finding it cute. So, maybe it would help to quit that, too.

2. Allow yourselves enough time to overcome your feelings for each other. Even if you were never an "official couple", it doesn't mean that your feelings weren't real and just superficial. Give yourselves space first. Saving the friendship would only work out if both of you are ready to move on.

3. Recite the mantra " He's just a friend. He's just a friend. " Start telling yourself and condition your brain that he isn't "the one who got away" and go back to referring to him as one of your friends.

4. Go out with him WITH your pals. To help your way back to your friendship mode, hang out with him together with your other peers. Friends would be there to act as " buffers" during awkward moments.It would also help program your mind perceiving as just one of your buddies.

5. Wish each other's happiness. You don't have to set each other up dating other people but merely wishing for each other's happiness is but nice. If he decides to get back to the dating game again, support him and if you're quite interested with another guy, go for it and don't be guilty of anything since you are  both free in the first place.

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