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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Magical Serendipity of a Poem

Are you aware of the miraculous manifestations of the universe? We are all witnesses to every single one each passing second but we may often if not ignore it totally because we think they are just mere coincidences. There are no slight nor little coincidences or accidents in this world. This is what we call magical serendipity and they can manifest anytime and anywhere to anyone.
One of my favorite stories in “Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul” is entitled: “A Serendipitous  Visit to Revelation Island”,  a true story that happened to Noel Phillip Rodriguez, described as a true blue troubadour who loves collecting beaches likened to people who love collecting shells. Rodriguez is a poet,  novelist, painter, architect, and so much more. Let me tell you his beautiful story in my own words:
There are poets and artists who leave pieces of their work in public- like in cafes, in restaurants, inside the train, the bus or anywhere.  Noel leaves pieces of his compositions in cafeterias and calls them “public poetry”.

In one of his exotic escapades, he visited the exquisite British Virgin Islands and stayed in what he described as an opulent hilltop hacienda. While roaming around the quaint room together with the owner of the posh villa, Noel chanced upon an array of classic and impressive art collection: Matisse paintings, Degas, Dali, and Chagall.
He was stunned when something caught his eye. A calligraphic poetry neatly placed in a gold plated frame hanging on the wall. The manuscript of the penmanship was reminiscent of Fourteenth Century Firenze but the only difference was that it was written in English. He read the word line by line, captivated and then when he got to the 10th verse, he knew in his heart, the composition seemed familiar to him. And when he was reading the last stanza, it finally dawned upon him who wrote the poem. A magical serendipity is about to be unraveled in front of his eyes.
The hostess of the house instantly noticed the surprised expression on his countenance.  She asked Noel if it was special to him to which he replied: “Yes, very”. He then asked where did she get it, who made it, and the woman narrated that there is a bit sad story attributed to the piece and that unfortunately she doesn’t know who was the poet behind such beautiful composition.
Our troubadour poet told the woman that he will tell her who wrote the exquisite piece if she will tell him how did she get the composition.  Noel then learned that the hostess of the villa got the gold plated antique frame from a friend and the captivating calligraphy was done by a pair of artists based in New York City after she requested them to make one out of the poem she found at a cafeteria tossed away among the dirty dishes. She was stunned when the poet asked her if she got the piece from Ford CafĂ© at Victoria Cove located in Laguna Beach, California during the summer season of ’76.
The collector of beaches then confessed that he had left many poems in his travels but this piece she found was special to him and it tells of a story of a tragic loss, redemption, and a defining moment in his personal life history.  His composition sparked something out of the woman who was suffering also from a traumatic loss when her own fiancĂ© died in a car accident that time. After reading the poem, she found herself being deeply moved emotionally and then she started asking people who wrote it.
Her life then made a complete turn around, she moved somewhere else where she met her husband  and she kept the piece until she was able to move to the Carribean Islands with her family after she inherited quite a fortune from his grandfather.  (There is another serendipity to my story since while reading the Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul book, I was also creating a composition about the Carribean Islands for a monthly international poetry magazine.)
The composition of Noel was laid out by a prominent calligraphic penman and magically transformed it into an “Illuminated” page ala Florentine Renaissance style by a famous museum restoration artist. The woman admitted that the piece became the catalyst for the most dramatic metamorphosis of her life and that it sort of gave her good luck in all areas in her life.
And this was the serendipitous saga of what we can call as an odd chance meeting of two souls connected by a piece of timeless poetry.
There are countless stories of beautiful coincidences and magical serendipitous events in this universe and we are witnesses to them.  After all, we are old souls connecting the cosmic dots traversing our journey meeting each other at the crossroads, learning from each other, teaching one another.